Hylink Helix serves as the conduit between global healthcare providers, medicine manufacturers, and health technology companies and the China marketplace. Helix endeavors to unlock the potential of the world's fastest-growing economy to offer world-class medical and healthcare services to the China market.

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Here are some of our locations.

Hylink Helix is a creative healthcare and wellness division of Hylink Digital, China’s largest digital advertising agency. Our team at Helix, comprised of leading strategists and creative technologists, specializes in the healthcare sector. We are passionate about effectively communicating your brand message to Chinese audiences and establishing the right marketing and digital mix to further your brand’s leading position in the Chinese market. Not only do we aim to shape engaging experiences and build lasting relationships between Chinese consumers and global brands, we also create emotional content that evokes a must-have desire from our clients’ consumers.

We deliver personalized, strategy-driven design, forward-thinking creative marketing, and visually rich solutions combined with cutting-edge technology and global production services. With 2,300 employees and 18 offices across the globe, it’s our mission to help healthcare and wellness brands seek to understand China’s complex and rapidly evolving market.